CEN and CENELEC welcome the new European Standardization Strategy

CEN and CENELEC, two of the three officially recognised European Standardization Organizations, welcome the new European Standardization Strategy which reinforces the common efforts to deliver on the ambitions of the twin transition.

The Strategy, newly released by the European Commission, aims to respond to the need for Europe to strengthen the strategic role standards play in the Single and the Global Market. It sets the pathway to better support Europe’s competitiveness and strategic autonomy, facilitate the dissemination of European innovations and ensure that European and international standards are in line with the EU’s interests and values. CEN and CENELEC share the value the Strategy gives to standards as a key tool to contribute to a resilient green and digital transformation of the EU’s industrial ecosystem.


The rest of the press release can be read on CEN and CENELEC’s website.

The recording of Commissioner’s Breton speech presenting the Strategy can be found at this link.