EPBS – partner in BioTriCK project

EPBS is partner in a project called: “Biomedical Laboratory Science Triangular Centre of Knowledge(BioTriCK)”, a strategic partnership funded by EU Erasmus+ programme. The aim is to improve the quality of the biomedical laboratory scientist (BLS) education. The project focuses on the collaborations of students, clinical supervisors and university teachers in the Biomedical Laboratory Sciences triangle. The ultimate goal is to improve the BLS community of practice by establishing networks, including an open access web portal with digital tools for learning via the BLS Academy. The web portal will be linked to EPBS website. In this knowledge alliance EPBS is discussion partner of the relevance of the innovation projects and ensure dissemination to other European BLS study programmes and hospitals.
As the mobility of everyone including BLSs has been decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemy, this project can be a helpful tool to increase transnational contacts and collaborations.