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The EPBS realizes the importance of the students’ perspective. The Student Forum is the place where the EPBS keeps in touch with the students and where we can all share ideas. The Student Forum is for students to form bonds with each other and to help influence the future of their profession.

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Martin Nicholson Award

From each country one student is allowed to participate in the poster competition 'Martin Nicholson Award'. During the annual EPBS GGB meeting the posters are presented and the best three posters will be awarded.

Winners of the EPBS Martin Nicholson Award


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Student Forum 2018

Location: Figueira da Foz (Portugal)

Topic: Biomedical Science without borders? - Study and Work abroad in Europe

Download final presentation 2018


Student Forum 2017

Location: Salzburg (Austria)

Topic: Involvement of BMS in Post-Analytics

Download final presentation 2017



Student Forum 2016

Location: Athens (Greece)

Topic: Virtual Library for CPD - a Start Up

Download final presentation 2016


Student Forum 2015

Location: Zagreb (Croatia)

Topic: Are you prepared for Point of Care Testing?

Download final presentation 2015


Student Forum 2014

Location: Dublin (Ireland)

Topic: Uniformity of practical training within the countries

Practical part: Collecting pictures for a foto exhibition about Biomedical Science education

Download final presentation 2014


Student Forum 2013

Location: Berlin (Germany)

Topic: European Academic Network of Biomedical Sciences (EANBMS)

Practical part: Interviwing Biomedical Science educational institutions

Download final presentation 2013


Student Forum 2012

Location: Edinburgh (Scotland)

Topic: European identity of Biomedical Science

Practical part: Establish advertising material to increase visibility of Biomedical Science

Download final presentation 2012


Student Forum 2011

Location: Utrecht (Netherlands)

Topic: Visions of our profession

Download final presentation 2011


Student Forum 2010

Location: Verona (Italy)

Topic: E-learning in Biomedical Science education and visibility of Biomedical Science

Download final presentation 2010


Student Forum 2009

Location: Oslo (Norway)

Topic: Changes of educational system - implementation of Bologna

Download final presentation 2009


Martin Nicholson Award



Winners 2018:

1st Hayley Foy-Stones (Ireland) : 'The association of the human papillomavirus (hpv) with p16 ink4a in head and neck cancer'

2nd Viktoria Reichl (Austria) : ‘Evidence of SysLTR1 by immunohistochemistry and Real Time PCR in placental tissues from patients with preeclampsia'

3rd Cristiana Mourato (Portugal) : ‘Forssman prevalence in a portuguese population sample and its expression in normal tissues'


Winners 2017:

1st Thomas Frawley (Ireland) : 'Development of a NGS approach to simultaneously detect the common myeloproliferative neoplasm-associated mutations in JAK2, CALR and MPL'

2nd Katerina Danezi (Greece) : ‘Validation of SKAP2 Interactome and Dengue shock syndrom

3rd Lisa Peperkoorn-Baart (The Netherlands) : ‘The fight against Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progessiva'


Winners 2016:

1st Caoimhe Lynch (Ireland) : 'Epidemiological analysis of Vancomycin resistant enterococc carriage among patients in an acute hospital'

2nd Chouliari Niki, Dioletti Metaxenia, Vouloumenou Maria (Greece) : ‘The effectiveness of hand drying methods by biomedical laboratory scientists'

3rd Vareskic Martina, Bubonja Sonje Marina (Croatia) : ‘MUPIROCIN susceptibility in coagulase negative staphylococci'


Winners 2015:

1st Nikolina Pernar, Diana Ramic, Donna Vadlja, Slaven Ikic, Lana Sladakovic (Croatia) : 'POCT - Known term or mystery? Empowering the Biomedical Scientist - experiences and recommendations'

2nd Lorenzo Petrus Wilhelmus Salden (The Netherlands) : ‘Validation of the HemosIL Heparin induced thrombocytopenia assay'

3rd Sharon Duffy (Ireland) : ‘Development of a histological protocol for the characterization of mammalian thrombi for use in ischemic stroke models’


Winners 2014:

1st Conor Buckley (Ireland) : 'Detection of TET2 mutations in patients with mylodisplastic syndrome using pyrosequecing technology’

2nd Julia Bollinger (Switzerland) : Evaluation of the b LACTA TM rapid test for the detection of ESBL- producing Enterobacteriacea’

3rd Maarja Ader (Estonia) : ‘Ticks density, prevalence of B. burgdorferi sensu lato and different genotypes in ticks collected from Pärnu- and Valga county in Estonia’


Winners 2013:

1st Sabine Nafzger (Switzerland): Detection of ubiquitiylation of TRPM4 wild type and its variant A432T- Pulldown assay with GST-S5A construct‘

2nd Maaike Vanhoutte (Belgium): Validation of different staining automates in a microbiology lab'

3rd Michael Coleman (Ireland):  ‘Site directed mutagenesis of HCV core 3a as a means for the investigation of fatty acid synthase up regalation'


Winners 2012:

1st Joana Oliveira (Portugal): ‘Fetal RHD genotyping in plasma of Rh negative pregnant women ‘

2nd Ann Marie Mc Cartin (Ireland): ‘Generation of a novel tool for the characterisation of the dynamics of HIV-1 protein subcellular localisation in vivo’

3rd Sanne Bartier (Belgium): ’Detection of inducible clindamycin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Evaluation of the ICR test on Vitek 2’


Winners 2011:

1st Marie Gallagher (Ireland): ‘Comparison of Hormone Receptor and Her2 Status in Breast Carcinoma Between the Core Needle Biopsy and the Corresponding Resection Specimen ‘

2nd Nathalie Verbrugge (Belgium): ‘Validation and implementation of IG Master in a clinical laboratory’

3rd Annette Lie Christensen (Norway):  ‘Does the concentration and localization of heat shock protein 27 change in skeletal muscle as a result of resistance training in prostate cancer patients who receives androgen deprivationin prostate cancer patients who receives androgen  therapy?’