Barbara Kappeller

Director EPBS (Austria)

Professional Qualification: Diplom der Akademie für Biomedizinische Analytik

Barbara Kappeller entered the Biomedical Science profession in 2008. Since then she works in a regional hospital, Kardinal Schwarzenberg Klinikum in Schwarzach, Austria – initially at the institute of pathology (histology, immunohistochemistry, cytology, immunocytochemistry) and since 2010 in the central laboratory (hematology, clinical chemistry, immunohematology including blood depot management, hemostasis, infection serology, student mentoring, occupational health and safety).

Since 2009 she is an active member in biomed austria regional association of Salzburg, where she is involved in organizing CPD courses and participant in specific working groups. In addition she has been member of the advisory board of the regional association. Barbara was the coordinator for projects with students and recently graduated Biomedical Scientists on a national level focusing on the development of the profession. In 2019 she runs for the position of executive director of biomed austria regional association of Salzburg.

Barbara’s first contact with the EPBS was in 2008, when she participated in the EPBS Student Forum and was granted the Martin Nicholson Award. At the GGB Meeting 2010 in Verona she was elected as EPBS Student Facilitator.

In 2018 Barbara was elected to the position of EPBS Director. She is particularly interested in raising the professional profile of Biomedical Scientists in Europe and worldwide.

In her free time Barbara loves to be in nature with all senses, do creative works and sports as well as just being with friends.