Sonia Daadoucha Perroud

General Secretary EPBS (Switzerland)

Sonia graduated as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist in 1990 and obtained a diploma of laboratory management in 2000. She is currently working as a Biomedical Laboratory Scientist team leader at mcl Medical Laboratories in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Sonia collaborated actively in her professional association (labmed), first as a member (2001 to 2005), then as president of the French-speaking section (2005 to 2009). She was a member of the editorial board of the journal (2002 to 2017) and a member of the International affairs commission (since 2005). Sonia joined the board of directors (2011 to 2014) where she was in charge of the public relations and communication commission. Beside her collaboration on a survey regarding CPD during her management training, she had the opportunity to organise several CPD courses and national conferences, thus improving her abilities in coordinating a team and managing such events. Quality, one of her concerns, formed the topic of her dissertation while undertaking her laboratory management diploma.

Sonia is a French-speaking delegate to the production and revision of the Swiss BLS professional framework curriculum. She is a member of the vocational expert pool for the federal recognition of teaching programmes in french speaking swiss BLS schools.

Sonia has served Switzerland as chief delegate to IFBLS from 2005 to 2008 and EPBS since 2005. She joined the management body of EPBS as Director in 2010 and have assisted her colleagues on several topics such as finances, recruitment, sponsoring, PR and communication.

Sonia is delighted to continue serving EPBS as General Secretary to contribute to the recognition of Biomedical Scientists as a full part of healthcare professionals and ensuring that they get the means to develop their competences.

During her spare time, Sonia enjoys travelling and discovering new cultures and customs. Shes also likes music and sports such as running, swimming and walking