Membership is open to professional bodies committed to developing the skills and knowledge of the biomedical scientist in order to become an effective member of the health care team.

The rule of one country one member shall apply.

Application for membership is open for all professional bodies representing Biomedical Scientists in Europe. The rule of one country one member apply.
If you would like further information about joining EPBS please contact the General Secretary or President of the EPBS.

You can also visit our Membership page to inform yourself and to download the EPBS membership application form.

The Student Forum is the place where EPBS keeps in touch with the students and where we can all share ideas.

It is an annual meeting where students nominated by their national association discuss a topic and produce a presentation to the General Governing Body.

Each national association chooses its student’s representative in its own way.
If you are interested, please contact your national association

The Martin Nicholson award is a prize named after the first EPBS president and given to the best scientific undergraduate poster presented by a student at the EPBS student forum.
The principle of one poster per country shall apply.

Each national association chooses its student’s poster in its own way.

If you are interested, please contact your national association.


EPBS recommands to contact the national association of the country where you wish to move. They may be able to help you.
Please visit the European job mobility portal.


Provision of practical training is the responsibility of higher education institutions.

Patronage of the EPBS confers recognition of a conference relating to Biomedical Laboratory Science with scientific and/or educational value.

EPBS Patronage may be sought by:

  • Any EPBS member
  • The organizing committee of any meeting, conference or congress outside the EPBS in which the meeting topics are directly related to the aims of the EPBS.

Applications should be submitted to the General Secretary of the EPBS using the patronage application form (available on request).
All relevant details of the scientific/educational program, venue and meeting organization should accompany the application form.
Applications for Patronage should normally be made at least 3 months in advance.