Each year the participating students of the EPBS Student Forum prepare a presentation to the General Governing Body (general assembly), where they show what they have elaborated during the two days of group work and discussions.

Student Forum 2019

Location: Genoa (Italy)

Topic: Is the Biomedical Science Profession sexy enough?

Download final presentation 2019

Student Forum 2018

Location: Figueira da Foz (Portugal)

Topic: Biomedical Science without borders? – Study and Work abroad in Europe

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Student Forum 2017

Location: Salzburg (Austria)

Topic: Involvement of BMS in Post-Analytics

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Student Forum 2016

Topic: Virtual Library for CPD – a Start Up

Location: Athens (Greece)

Download final presentation 2016

Student Forum 2015

Topic: Are you prepared for Point of Care Testing?

Location: Zagreb (Croatia)

Download final presentation 2015

Student Forum 2014

Location: Dublin (Ireland)

Topic: Uniformity of practical training within the countries

Practical part: Collecting pictures for a foto exhibition about Biomedical Science education

Download final presentation 2014

Student Forum 2013

Topic:  European Academic Network of Biomedical Sciences (EANBMS)

Practical part: Interviwing Biomedical Science educational institutions

Location: Berlin (Germany)

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Student Forum 2012

Location: Edinburgh (Scotland)

Topic: European identity of Biomedical Science

Practical part: Establish advertising material to increase visibility of Biomedical Science

Download final presentation 2012

Student Forum 2011

Location: Utrecht (Netherlands)

Topic: Visions of our profession

Download final presentation 2011

Student Forum 2010

Location: Verona (Italy)

Topic: E-learning in Biomedical Science education and visibility of Biomedical Science

Download final presentation 2010

Student Forum 2009

Location: Oslo (Norway)

Topic: Changes of educational system – implementation of Bologna

Download final presentation 2009