Martin Nicholson Award



Winners 2018:

1st Hayley Foy-Stones (Ireland) : 'The association of the human papillomavirus (hpv) with p16 ink4a in head and neck cancer'

2nd Viktoria Reichl (Austria) : ‘Evidence of SysLTR1 by immunohistochemistry and Real Time PCR in placental tissues from patients with preeclampsia'

3rd Cristiana Mourato (Portugal) : ‘Forssman prevalence in a portuguese population sample and its expression in normal tissues'


Winners 2017:

1st Thomas Frawley (Ireland) : 'Development of a NGS approach to simultaneously detect the common myeloproliferative neoplasm-associated mutations in JAK2, CALR and MPL'

2nd Katerina Danezi (Greece) : ‘Validation of SKAP2 Interactome and Dengue shock syndrom

3rd Lisa Peperkoorn-Baart (The Netherlands) : ‘The fight against Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progessiva'


Winners 2016:

1st Caoimhe Lynch (Ireland) : 'Epidemiological analysis of Vancomycin resistant enterococc carriage among patients in an acute hospital'

2nd Chouliari Niki, Dioletti Metaxenia, Vouloumenou Maria (Greece) : ‘The effectiveness of hand drying methods by biomedical laboratory scientists'

3rd Vareskic Martina, Bubonja Sonje Marina (Croatia) : ‘MUPIROCIN susceptibility in coagulase negative staphylococci'


Winners 2015:

1st Nikolina Pernar, Diana Ramic, Donna Vadlja, Slaven Ikic, Lana Sladakovic (Croatia) : 'POCT - Known term or mystery? Empowering the Biomedical Scientist - experiences and recommendations'

2nd Lorenzo Petrus Wilhelmus Salden (The Netherlands) : ‘Validation of the HemosIL Heparin induced thrombocytopenia assay'

3rd Sharon Duffy (Ireland) : ‘Development of a histological protocol for the characterization of mammalian thrombi for use in ischemic stroke models’


Winners 2014:

1st Conor Buckley (Ireland) : 'Detection of TET2 mutations in patients with mylodisplastic syndrome using pyrosequecing technology’

2nd Julia Bollinger (Switzerland) : Evaluation of the b LACTA TM rapid test for the detection of ESBL- producing Enterobacteriacea’

3rd Maarja Ader (Estonia) : ‘Ticks density, prevalence of B. burgdorferi sensu lato and different genotypes in ticks collected from Pärnu- and Valga county in Estonia’


Winners 2013:

1st Sabine Nafzger (Switzerland): Detection of ubiquitiylation of TRPM4 wild type and its variant A432T- Pulldown assay with GST-S5A construct‘

2nd Maaike Vanhoutte (Belgium): Validation of different staining automates in a microbiology lab'

3rd Michael Coleman (Ireland):  ‘Site directed mutagenesis of HCV core 3a as a means for the investigation of fatty acid synthase up regalation'


Winners 2012:

1st Joana Oliveira (Portugal): ‘Fetal RHD genotyping in plasma of Rh negative pregnant women ‘

2nd Ann Marie Mc Cartin (Ireland): ‘Generation of a novel tool for the characterisation of the dynamics of HIV-1 protein subcellular localisation in vivo’

3rd Sanne Bartier (Belgium): ’Detection of inducible clindamycin resistance in Staphylococcus aureus Evaluation of the ICR test on Vitek 2’


Winners 2011:

1st Marie Gallagher (Ireland): ‘Comparison of Hormone Receptor and Her2 Status in Breast Carcinoma Between the Core Needle Biopsy and the Corresponding Resection Specimen ‘

2nd Nathalie Verbrugge (Belgium): ‘Validation and implementation of IG Master in a clinical laboratory’

3rd Annette Lie Christensen (Norway):  ‘Does the concentration and localization of heat shock protein 27 change in skeletal muscle as a result of resistance training in prostate cancer patients who receives androgen deprivationin prostate cancer patients who receives androgen  therapy?’