Fernando Mendes, PhD

President EPBS (Portugal)

Fernando Mendes is in the Management Body of EPBS since 2001, where he was Student Forum Facilitator, Director and General Secretary working towards the production of Internal Regulations, registration of EPBS in Belgium and Policy documents.

As Biomedical Scientist Fernando has participated in more than 120 National and 60 international congresses, was an educator in more than 20 Continuous professional development courses and trainee in more or less 50, presented around 45 scientific and professional lectures in congresses, 65 posters and being co-author in more than 25 scientific papers. He has participated in several scientific and organizing committee of congresses.

As Associate Professor of ESTeSC-Coimbra Health School Fernando he was Head of Department of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Department (2017-2021) and Vice-President of the Scientific Technical and Committee (2017_2019) of Coimbra Health School. Fernando Mendes has had the opportunity to lecture in several European Higher Educations Institutions under the ERASMUS program, namely in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Fernando’s main areas of scientific research currently are oncobiology,  transfusion medicine and health literacy.

He was nominated to work as Biomedical Scientist expert as a Permanent Member of the Appreciation Technical Committee for professional recognition at the Portuguese Central Administration of the Health System (ACSS,IP.)  for all the Health Allied Professions, besides that he collaborated with the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine and currently with CORU from Ireland and the Agency for Science and Higher Education of Croatia has European member of the expert panel for accreditation and reaccreditation of Biomedical Sciences programs.

Fernando enjoys reading, listening to music (Bossa Nova, Lounge and Chill Out), having fun with family and friends. Swimming is fundamental in is life and whenever he has the time like to do long walks with Trento (Weimaraner dog) by the sea. Above all, he enjoys making people happy and smiling. Being familyaholic, workaholic and friendaholic.