Neven Sučić, M.Sc.

Treasurer EPBS (Croatia)

Neven Sučić entered the profession of Biomedical Science in 1997 when he finished his study at Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka. His first job was at the Health Centre Rijeka (biochemistry and haematology), In 2000 he started to work in General Hospital in Pula (biochemistry and haematology), 2001 Neven started to work in Faculty of Medicine University of Rijeka (microbiology, cell culture, molecular biology) and finally 2004. he moved to Teaching Institute of Public Health in Rijeka.

In the same year, Neven started to be active in Croatian Association of Laboratory Medicine.

At the Teaching Institute of Public Health Neven started to work as Biomedical Scientist in several laboratories in the Department of Microbiology (TB lab. and lab. for respiratory infections) but his main interest was molecular diagnostics.

2010. Neven joined the Croatian Chamber of Health Professionals – Professional department of health professionals (CCHP-PDMLA) and later he was elected for Presidency of Commission for international relations.

2013. CCHP-PDMLA became a full member of EPBS and since then Neven has been a Chief delegate. Since 2015. Neven has served as an EPBS auditor. The same year (2015.) Neven finished a Master study of Biomedical Science at Faculty of Health Studies of the University of Rijeka and started teaching Clinical Chemistry at same faculty.

In his free time, Neven likes reading books, listening to music and taking long walks near the sea. But most of all Neven likes to spend time with his family and friends.