Anneke Geurts-Moespot

Ex treasurer / BioTriCK contact person EPBS (Netherlands )

Anneke entered the profession of Biomedical Laboratory Science in 1973 at the Department of Medical Biology of the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre. After several reorganizations and renamings of the Department she now works at the Department of Laboratory Medicine. The laboratory supports patient care with routine and specialised laboratory activities encompassing the fields of Clinical Chemistry, Haematology, Immunology and Endocrinology. Anneke is working as a researcher in the field of endocrine related diseases, mainly in development of biomarker assays for breast, prostate and ovarian cancer (coauthor of more than 60 publications). She is resposible for international Quality Assessment programs for biomarker assays. In 1988 she became an active member of the PathoBiology Group (PBG) of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) and since 2009 she is a member of the executive committee as treasurer of the PBG.

Since 2004 Anneke has been active within the hospital and within the association NVML to profile the profession of (Bio)medical Laboratory Scientist. Anneke is involved in education of (bio)medical laboratory students (trainee posts) and retraining and continuous professional development (CPD) of (bio)medical laboratory scientists and technologists in order to keep abreast of research and development within the specialities of laboratory medicine. She is also involved in the implementation of a competence based approach of life-long-learning process in the form of e-learning modules (VLE=virtual learning environment) coupled to its registration in CPD for the (bio) medical laboratory scientists and technologists. Her focus is the recognition and registration of (bio)medical scientists in order to maintain the profession of laboratory scientist as dynamic, challenging and fascinating.

Personal interests: Anneke’s free time activities are mainly focussed on different sports, such as alpine skiing, biking, playing tennis and volleyball. She also enjoys reading books and participates with 6 other women in a reading club in order to discuss the content of the readings.