Fernando Mendes, BMS, PhD

President EPBS (Portugal)

Fernando Mendes graduated in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences in 1994, currently is a Coordinator Professor at the Biomedical Laboratory Sciences Department at Coimbra Polytechnic lnstitute, being member of the Center for lnnovative Biomedicine and Biotechnology (CIBB) at the University of Coimbra. He finished his PhD in Medical Sciences in 2016 at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Coimbra. ln the last number of years he is part of a multidisciplinary team whose focus includes Oncology and Biophysics. He has published 31 full-text papers, 16 books and 6 book chapters, more than 20 abstracts in periodic journals, more than 100 abstracts in conference proceedings, and 34 communications by invitation. He is a co-author of more than 200 posters in international scientific meetings. He was a supervisor of more than 48 bachelor’s degree students, 6 Master’s thesis and 5 research projects in innovation and entrepreneurship, has two patents and more than 10 provisory patents submitted between Portugal and Brazil. ln collaboration with Brazil, as invited researcher, has more than 20 financed research projects. In recent years he has given higher priority to the study of topics related to cancer treatment, namely using radiotherapy and immunotherapy.

He was nominated to work as Biomedical Scientist expert as a Permanent Member of the Appreciation Technical Committee for professional recognition at the Portuguese Centra l Administration of the Health System (ACSS,IP.) for all the Health Allied Professions. He has been a member of the European Association for Biomedical

Scientists (EPBS) Management Body since 2001 as Student Forum Facilitator, Director, General Secretary and is the current President of the organization. During this time, he worked in several EPBS policy guidelines, represented EPBS in several scientific and political events. Aspirates to have all European countries with the same level of Biomedical Sciences education, contributing for a harmonization of skills and competencies among Europe. Fernando Mendes coordinated a working group on Standards of Proficiency for the profession.