Gabriele Sander, BMS

Director EPBS (Austria)

Professional Profile:

1.Biomedical Scientist at SALK (Salzburger Landeskliniken) 1982 – 2022 in the areas of:

Internal Medicine (lipometabolism and diabetes) 1982 – 1999

Clinical Genetics (cell culture; Y-chromosomal microdeletions, preand postnatal karyotyping – microarray, MLPA – multiplex ligation dependent probe amplification …) 1999-2022

2.Teacher FH Salzburg (Fachhochschule / University of Applied Sciences) in the areas of bioinformatics and microarray 2007 – present

International Representation:

1. EPBS General Secretary 2002 -2010 mainly concerned with the constitution of the EPBS as a modern Association and its Statutes and Registration in Brussels in 2006, the Bologna Process, EU

Directive, CPD and professional development

2.EPBS Director 2010 – 2012

3.Team-member of the European CPD Project „EucoLabs“ 2010, a

European star project

4.Chief Delegate of the Austrian Association from 2019 – present and as such member of the following EPBS working groups: „Statutes Revision“, „Proficiency Standards“ and „Knowledge, Skills and Competencies“

I have had a passion for our profession throughout my entire career, always full of ideas to develop a new image of the professional transitioning from „assistants to scientists“ including education, lifelong learning, personal and professional development.

As an active member of the Austrian Association – biomed austria from 1992 to date I am still enthusiastic in the progression of the profession of Biomedical Scientists in Austria and Europe.

With hindsight I can say that a lot of progress has been achieved over the years together with all European colleagues but still there are huge tasks to be resolved at both national and international level.

Facing new challanges like a digital future, recruitment and retention of committed Biomedical Scientists, ensuring they reach their potential while other professions try to take our places. We have to work hard, and smart, and look for new strategies in order to inspire our young colleagues and let them start burning for our profession too.