Hayley Foy-Stones, MBS, BSc

Facilitator EPBS (Ireland)

Hayley is a Medical Scientist from Ireland, with a passion for clinical science. She obtained her BSc in Medical Science with firstclass honours in 2017. After graduation, she was honoured with the Irish President’s Prize and an Irish Healthcare Award for her undergraduate research project.

In 2018, Hayley represented Ireland at the EPBS conference in Portugal, where she received the Martin Nicholson Award. During the conference, she collaborated with fellow student medical scientists to present ‘Biomedical Science without Borders’ to the general governing body, shedding light on opportunities and challenges faced by Medical Scientists working abroad in Europe.

This pivotal experience at EPBS inspired Hayley to establish a similar student network for early career scientists in Ireland with the Academy of Clinical Science and Laboratory Medicine (ACSLM). In 2019, she was appointed as the Chairperson for the newly formed Engagement and Advancement Advisory Body (EAAB) at ACSLM, where she served the maximum three-year term and played a significant role in advancing clinical science in Ireland.

Notably, she led the introduction of the first pilot mentoring program for Medical Scientists.

Hayley is employed as a Medical Scientist at the National Adult Stem Cell Transplant and CAR-T Cell Therapy Centre at St. James Hospital in Dublin. She also contributes to the emergency on-call service within the Haematology and Blood Transfusion Departments.

Hayley’s current academic pursuits include a part-time PhD at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), focusing on immune reconstitution in blood cancer patients post stem cell transplantation and post CAR-T Cell Therapy. Her PhD project is a collaborative effort involving Cryobiology and Clinical Haematology (SJH), Cancer Immunology (TCD), and the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS).

Even amid her academic endeavors, Hayley remains an active member of the EAAB, advocating for engagement and advancement in the field of Medical Science, and she is delighted to be nominated for the student facilitator elections at EPBS.