Katja Wienmann Bramm, BMS

Director EPBS (Denmark)

I’m running for director in the EPBS management board. I’ve been a part of the management board for the last two years as director – and I believe that it will be good for the future work, if there are some board members who have experience and knowledge about the previous preformed work. Other than that, I find the work in the management board important – and I like to be involved where I can contribute with my skills for the benefit of the BLS profession.

I’m vice-president at Danske Bioanalytikere in my eighth year (2015 -). Before that I worked as an authorized biomedical laboratory scientist (BLS) (2000 – 2015) – and at my previous workplace I was also politically active – as a working environment representative, and I was a member of the regional board in dbio’s department in Copenhagen.

Throughout my working life, I’ve been interested in me and my colleagues’ working lives and our terms. This is also one of the reasons why I’m applying for director position on the EPBS board.

Throughout my working life, I’ve met many BLS’s who, for various reasons, have needed and benefited from their professional organization – both in relation to education, professional aspects and not least working conditions. The experiences and knowledge that I’ve gained in relation to the BLS profession, I really like to continue to put into action in European context.

I really want to help contribute to us standing together for the benefit of the BLS’s future – both in relation to the development of the profession, the impact on the field of education, the working environment and not least the BLS terms in general.

BLS’s deserves both to be seen and recognized for the key role they play in health contexts – and together we will be able to do this.