Stephanie Meli

Stephanie Meli, BMS, MSc

Vice-President EPBS (Malta)

Stephanie Meli, a dedicated Biomedical Scientist from Malta, offers 15 years of experience in clinical and research domains.

Her roles as an educator at all graduate levels, dissertation cosupervisor, peer-reviewed journals co-author, with global conference organisation and participation, highlight her versatile expertise.

Unfaltering enthusiasm fuels her determination to excel in challenging endeavours, with consistent detail-focus, while nurturing others’ growth. Stephanie’s professional ethos is characterized by unceasing passion, diligence, and steadfast commitment to collaborative teamwork. Her vast expertise encompasses an array of skills: POCT, cellular pathology, research and analysis, scientific project management, and leadership. Presently serving as Higher Allied Health Practitioner in the realm of POCT, Stephanie also holds the title of POCT Deputy Chairperson at Mater Dei Hospital, leading a dynamic team responsible for evaluation, procurement, utilization of cuttingedge POCT technologies, ongoing liaison with ministers and development of governmental policies, SOPs implementation, expanding the BMS team through her role in interviewing boards, whilst spearheading nationwide screening studies.

Stephanie’s commitment to the field extends further as she assumes the role of M.Sc. Diabetes and B.Sc. Applied Biomedical Science lecturer at the University of Malta. Recently, she was instrumental within the committee, in the initiation, design, and development of the national BMS Specialized Post Graduate Training Programme.

Stephanie actively engages in professional associations, including her previous role as Communication Officer for the Malta Association of Biomedical Scientists, Executive Committee. She proudly represents Malta as an EPBS delegate, contributing to Malta’s affiliation with EPBS and successful tendering for GGB 2023. Within her EPBS networking, Stephanie passionately thrives in elevating the BMS profession globally, questing for knowledge and improvement. Beyond her career, she captained the national basketball team and represented Malta for the small nations’ swimming competitions.

Stephanie’s central mission within EPBS remains the unwavering promotion of the BMS profession, marked by her complete dedication and fervent commitment to achieving excellence and advancing this field to high European standards educationally and professionally. Stephanie’s motto ‘Together We’re Better’, stands in utilising unity at elevating our indispensable profession to higher levels of recognition and impact.