CEN/CENELEC bring together the national standards agencies of 34 countries. The network involves business federations, commercial and consumer organizations, environmental groups and other societal stakeholders. More than 60,000 technical experts from industry, research, academia and other backgrounds are directly involved in the work through more than 20 Technical Committees dedicated to healthcare.  EPBS has a liaison with Technical Committee named TC140 – In vitro Diagnostic Medical Devices and is active in working group WG3,Quality management in the medical lab. This WG3 is in charge with several standards in the field of molecular biology e.g. DNA and RNA isolation in Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), in Fine Needle Aspirates (FNA), in saliva, in urine and other body fluids, metabolomics, exosomes and microbiome DNA. 

CEN - TC140/WG3 publications and projects