BioTriCK ended – visit BLS academy web

The Erasmus+ project Biomedical Laboratory Science Triangular Centre of Knowledge designated as BioTriCK, in which EPBS was a strategic partner, has been ended successfully on August 31, 2023.

BioTrick focused on the collaborations between students, clinical supervisors and university professors in the Biomedical Laboratory Sciences triangle. Norway, Finland and Portugal were the European countries partners in BioTrick.

The ultimate goal was to improve the Biomedical Laboratory Sciences community of practice by establishing networks, including an open access web portal with digital tools for learning via the BLS Academy. On September 14, 2023 the project leader, Gry Sjøholt, officially handover the BLS Academy to the EPBS.

The access to the BLS Academy is via the button on the homepage of the EPBS website.

We invite all biomedical scientists to give a look and see the story telling of BioTriCK, learning resources, teaching and learning content, research development and innovation, blog, news, as well as previous and upcoming events.

Although the EU project has finished, the results and experiences will still being further developed. In particular, a BLS Conference planned in spring 2025 in Bergen, Norway will certainly be an excellent opportunity for further cooperation in Europe and contribute to the development of Biomedical Laboratory Sciences.